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Custom Rolling Papers

Custom Rolling Papers are the perfect instrument for boosting not only brand recognition but consistency as well. You’ll be able to provide them with a pack of high-quality rolling papers in a size and paper type of your choice. You’ll have the option to customize the packaging with your logo and any information you need. Better yet, we can arrange for a custom display box to be made with all of your info in it, ready for your shelf-space or even on your counter.

Mouthpiece, Barrel, Silver Metal

CCELL is a technology the consists of revolutionary ceramic heating elements optimized for high viscosity extracts. This ceramic technology makes vaping more effective by pulling the most flavor elements. Pair this glass mouthpiece with any CCELL glass cartridge base options.

Charger, M3, USB, V2, Black

Specs: >     Input: Input Voltage 5V+0.3V, Input Curret>500mA: >    Output: Output Voltage >4.3V(with 5.0V input voltage and 500A output current loading) >    Over-current protection: The charger triggers over-current protection when the output current is 570mA ~ 650mA
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Xvape Aria

Whether you’re into dry herb or concentrate vaporizing, the XVAPE Aria can do it all. With its exquisite isolated airflow, you can enjoy full ceramic conduction and a fully ceramic magnetic mouthpiece, which allows for a better draw and cleaner hits. The Aria is designed with haptic feedback, which means the device vibrates to let you know it’s being activated, no more guessing! This handheld vape also has a top notch OLED screen to ensure your Fahrenheit or Celsius readings will be 100% crystal clear. Enjoy a wide range of temperatures varying from 212°F – 464°F backed by the powerful 260 mAh, micro USB rechargeable battery, which provides 20 second heat up time. This beautiful vape is covered in a textured, faux animal skin covering which provides grip and adds to its elegance.

XVAPE Aria Vape to Water Pipe Adapter

Your Hippie Butler is proud to introduce the XVAPE Aria Vape to Water Pipe Adapter. You can now utilize your favorite Aria vaporizer with your pipe for added cooling and filtration! Simply replace the standard magnetic mouthpiece with this adapter, and draw through your water pipes while activating the Aria for a next level vaping experience. These adapters are durable and made of ceramic so they’re easy to clean and won’t hold an odor. This portable accessory is made to fit the XVAPE Aria portable vaporizer.

Xvape Avant

The Xvape Avant Vaporizer is a powerful legal herb vape that fits in your pocket! Measuring in at 4 inches tall, this little guy can go with you anywhere. Simply pull the magnetic top off the fully ceramic chamber and load your moderately ground flower, be sure not to over pack. Then turn it to one of the five temp settings and your good to go! This handy vape will quickly become your favorite portable vaporizer.

Xvape Cricket

The Xvape Cricket is a discreet handheld concentrate vaporizer that can vape your concentrates anywhere you might be! Featuring a magnetic closure and a single quartz coil chamber for your favorite concentrates.  This handy little vape also has a glass mouthpiece and a screen so you know you won’t get anything in your mouth but vapor. Standing just over 4 inches tall, and with a 510 thread battery, this portable vaporizer is a must have!

Xvape Cricket 2.0

This portable XVAPE Cricket 2.0 vaporizer pen has three variational voltage settings that allow you to adjust temperatures to heat your favorite legal smoking concentrates to your preferred temperature. The atomizer features a dual quartz titanium coil, and the included cartridge is refillable and can be used with your favorite vape juice. The gunmetal casing offers a sleek and modern look and is coupled with a 510-threaded battery.  Each pen comes with a handy carry case that’s designed to protect and cradle your XVAPE pen.


This XVAPE Fog convection vaporizer is a must have for any first time smoking connoisseur. It’s characterized by its stainless steel oven and utilization of convection heat to vaporize your favorite legal smoking herbs or concentrates! These vapes offer an easy draw as well as large clouds. Coupled with a removable 18650 battery with pass through charging, this one button interface vape also has a great battery life. This handheld powerhouse is sure to satisfy every smoking connoisseurs needs whether they enjoy legal herb or concentrates.

XVape Starry 3.0

Starry 3.0 is great for Dry herb vaporizing! Conduction tech.


These sleek and stylish XVAPE V-One+ pens are designed for your favorite wax concentrates. Each pen is equipped with a glass mouthpiece, that also features a splashproof guard so you never pull anything but vapor. These vapes also have a ceramic heating plate, which means no combustion of your legal concentrates so you can enjoy the full effects. The proprietary heating plate heats up slower than a traditional quartz coil atomizer, but allows for more flavorful, terpene rich draws. The 1500mAh rechargeable battery outputs 20W and offers a 20 second shut off feature for battery longevity and safety

Xvape Vista Mini

The Xvape Vista Mini is a small but powerful bubbler vaporizer for your concentrates. This spectacular device features a detachable glass bubbler, ceramic chamber, and glass carb for the best tasting vape. Standing under 5 inches the Vista Mini is the perfect size for your desk or coffee table. It also features an LED light, wireless charging, and three temperature settings, so really, what’s not to love?


The XVape Vital offers unmatched power and durability when it comes to conduction vaping! These exquisite and intuitive pens offer an OLED screen and two button temperature adjusting between 212°F and 464°F. The coil is ceramic and provides consistent, even temperature heating throughout the atomizer so you maximize your concentrates potency. Superior performance, large clouds, and a matte rubberized body, this vaporizer is guaranteed to satisfy even the most choosy of smoking connoisseurs.